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Social Skill

Social Skills Training


Here at Circle ABA, we also provide one-on-one social skills training, where your child will work closely with a behavioral health professional to help them learn and practice age-appropriate social skills.


Our social skills groups allow children to practice social skills taught in a one-on-one therapy environment, in a group social environment, ensuring skills generalize to real life. Groups include two or more children, depending on your child’s readiness.

Virtual Social Skills Groups

Friendships are an essential part of life, especially when helping your children live happy and meaningful lives. Our virtual social skills groups, led by experienced and seasoned professionals, aim to teach communication and social skills, foster healthy relationships between peers, and equip them with the necessary coping mechanisms to thrive.

As with each program, parental involvement is required to ensure maximum results and the generalization of learned skills outside therapy environments.

In-Person Social Skills Groups and Play Dates

Developing age-appropriate social skills is important to maneuver in the world today. Our in-person social skills groups and play dates (based on age) allow individuals with autism to practice learned social skills and regularly interact with peers. Many of our group pairings lead to lifelong friendships outside therapy.

Supervised Outings

Regular social outings allow your child to practice social skills mastered in one-on-one and structured group environments, in unstructured and more natural social settings. All outings are supervised, but children are given the space to interact independently (e.g., playing with a peer at a park). This is the final phase of social skill generalization.

Taking ABA therapy to the next level

Our ABA Therapy services for autism are evidence-based and are based on an extensive assessment of the child’s current developmental and overall functioning level.


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Fiona B.

They are great people ! very friendly and caring! It was a pleasure !

Zachary B.

very friendly and caring! It was a pleasure <3

Masha Kaprian

Marina and her team provided exceptional service. Her team took time to coordinate with all the child's providers to ensure optimal treatment. I especial love her evidence based approaches that other do not do, like Pivotal Response Training and Natural Environment Teaching.
Highly recommend TAIC for your child's care team.

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