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Our ABA Services

Here at Circle ABA, our network of autism clinicians and physicians develop and implement individualized autism treatment strategies based on the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.

We are dedicated to equipping children with autism with the necessary verbal and social skills that they can use to become functioning and independent citizens of their community. Circle ABA, through evidence and research-based approaches, has successfully motivated such children to use verbal and social interactions as their stimuli.

ABA Assessment

ABA Assessments are the stepping stones of an effective ABA therapy program. They help us develop and implement individualized care based on your child’s strengths and current level of functioning

We offer three different types of assessments carried out by doctoral-level clinicians to determine specific goals for ABA therapy

  • Developmental Assessment
  • Social/Emotional Assessment
  • Functional Behavior Assessment

Evidence-Based ABA Therapy

ABA therapy, commonly referred to as the ‘gold standard for autism treatment’, includes individualized, evidence-based approaches. Our services are proven to:

  • Teach and increase language and communication skills
  • Teach social skills
  • Improve overall functioning and independent living skills
  • Decrease unwanted behaviors

Social Skill Training

Circle ABA offers video and in-person social skills groups that have been designed by our clinicians to teach children age-appropriate social skills. These skills equip your child with the tools they need to handle any social situation, giving them the confidence to thrive.

Social Skills Groups
  • Monthly teen meet-ups at local teen attractions (e.g., arcade, movie theatre, mall)
  • Home-based meetups of similar-age and functioning peers with similar interests

Parent & Family Education

For increased effectiveness of ABA therapy, parental involvement is required. Our evidence-based approach provides parents and families with necessary education and support. In addition, our education program is individualized, which can be integrated into your family’s everyday routine.

Support Provider Coordination

Here at Circle ABA, we treat our clients no less than family, and family means no one gets left behind. Our support provider coordination specializes in providing support to individuals with Autism. We help you navigate several different providers and services to choose the one best suited to your requirements.

Service providers help you with:
  • Connecting with supports
  • Communicating with providers
  • Problem-solving

Coordination of your child’s support service Providers!

We will coordinate with all of your child’s service providers to ensure your child receives optimal treatment. It takes a village to raise a child.


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Fiona B.

They are great people ! very friendly and caring! It was a pleasure !

Zachary B.

very friendly and caring! It was a pleasure <3

Masha Kaprian

Marina and her team provided exceptional service. Her team took time to coordinate with all the child's providers to ensure optimal treatment. I especial love her evidence based approaches that other do not do, like Pivotal Response Training and Natural Environment Teaching.
Highly recommend TAIC for your child's care team.

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