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Evidence-Based ABA Therapy

Customized Treatment Plan

At Circle ABA, every treatment plan is developed and implemented after thoroughly assessing your child’s current functioning and skill levels. Our plans are considered living documents, updated frequently to meet your child’s changing needs, optimizing outcomes for your child and the entire family.

All of our plans are as naturalistic as possible, based on which approaches will most benefit your child at every specific point of their developmental journey. Some children with severe developmental delays and problem behavior need a more therapist-led program before they are ready for a more child-led program.

A motivated child is a successful child. All of our programs are age appropriate, catered to your child’s interests, and create a fun learning environment.

Pivotal Response Training (PRT)

Circle ABA’s PRT approaches are naturalistic, holistic, and help support your child’s overall functioning in all areas of need.  PRT aims to develop necessary communication, social, and behavioral skills with a play-based approach.

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Research shows that the best way to mediate symptoms of autism is in the environment in which they occur. This is a scientifically proven intervention and teaching approach which allows ABA practitioners to incorporate the child’s natural environment into the teaching, development, and generalization of learned skills.

Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)

The ESDM is an applied behavior analysis-based therapy approach for children with autism aged between 12 to 48 months. This approach is founded on how toddlers learn and develop and is considered a very natural, play-based approach to intervention. This approach requires active participation from a caregiver, play is used to build positive and fun learning opportunities that create lasting change. Boost a child’s language, social, and cognitive skills through play and joint-attention activities.

Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

Discrete Trial Training (DTT) is a treatment approach used with some children who need additional structure, and support is vital before fading their treatment program to a less-structured one.

DTT is a structured intervention approach that breaks down skills into small, “discrete” steps. When a child can complete a discrete step, they are quickly reinforced with an item or short activity, creating motivation to continue learning.

Once foundation skills are acquired using this approach, the program is faded to a more natural one, with naturally occurring reinforcers that are not controlled by the therapist (e.g., praise, the effect of a cause and effect toy, etc.).

Taking ABA therapy to the next level

Our ABA Therapy services for autism are evidence-based and are based on an extensive assessment of the child’s current developmental and overall functioning level.


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Fiona B.

They are great people ! very friendly and caring! It was a pleasure !

Zachary B.

very friendly and caring! It was a pleasure <3

Masha Kaprian

Marina and her team provided exceptional service. Her team took time to coordinate with all the child's providers to ensure optimal treatment. I especial love her evidence based approaches that other do not do, like Pivotal Response Training and Natural Environment Teaching.
Highly recommend TAIC for your child's care team.

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