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An ABA Assessment is the first step to developing and implementing a highly individualized and effective ABA therapy program for a child with autism.

We use evidence-based tools based on your child’s age and current level of functioning to determine specific goals for ABA therapy. Our assessments are conducted by master’s and doctorate-level clinicians.

Developmental Assessment

A developmental assessment is conducted to determine your child’s current level of functioning based on their age. The results are compared to same-age peers and help us determine what we need to do to help your child catch up. These assessments evaluate your child’s current communication, cognitive, social, daily living, and coping skills, which are imperative for living a well-settled and independent life.

We conduct developmental assessments for your child at least every six months. Some assessments are conducted ongoing throughout treatment, ensuring our daily approaches are as individualized and appropriate as possible.

Functional Behavior Assessment

All unwanted behaviors serve a function for your child; typically, they are a form of communication for your child, when they don’t have other ways of communicating effectively.

A Functional Behavior Assessment includes a systematic approach that helps us understand why your child is engaging in specific undesired behaviors, allowing us to intervene quickly and effectively.

This assessment involves collecting data on undesired behaviors, and identifying what typically happens before and after a behavior, allowing us to come up with an intervention plan.

Social and Emotional Assessment

We use social-emotional assessments to assess and teach skills around self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship building and maintenance, and responsible decision-making. Our social-emotional programs help your child leave a more fulfilling life filled with reciprocal and rewarding relationships.

Taking ABA therapy to the next level

Our ABA Therapy services for autism are evidence-based and are based on an extensive assessment of the child’s current developmental and overall functioning level.


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Fiona B.

They are great people ! very friendly and caring! It was a pleasure !

Zachary B.

very friendly and caring! It was a pleasure <3

Masha Kaprian

Marina and her team provided exceptional service. Her team took time to coordinate with all the child's providers to ensure optimal treatment. I especial love her evidence based approaches that other do not do, like Pivotal Response Training and Natural Environment Teaching.
Highly recommend TAIC for your child's care team.

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